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New Materials #309 - 06/04/2024

BJ 1401 .L4 2001 c.2
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.   The great divorce : a dream / C.S. Lewis.   1st HarperCollins pbk. ed.   New York : HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2001, ©1946.  

BJ 1421 .K875 2022 *
Kurlansky, Mark, author.   Big lies : from Socrates to social media / Mark Kurlansky ; illustrated by Eric Zelz.  

BR 125 .L67 2001 c.2
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963, author.   The Screwtape letters : with Screwtape proposes a toast / C.S. Lewis.   First HarperCollins paperback. edition.   New York : HarperOne, [2001].  

BR 1642 .U5 C678 2022
Cooper, Travis Warren, author.   The digital evangelicals : contesting authority and authenticity after the new media turn / Travis Warren Cooper.  

BR 1706.3 .M37 2024
McNutt, Jennifer Powell, author.   Know the theologians / Jennifer Powell McNutt and David W. McNutt.  

BS 1199 .W7 M49 2023
Meyers, Carol L., author.   Households and holiness : the religious culture of Israelite women / Carol Meyers.  

BS 2575.3 .A94 1982
Augsburger, Myron S.   Matthew / Myron S. Augsburger.   Nashville : Thomas Nelson, 1982.  

BS 2585.3 .M35 1982
McKenna, David L. (David Loren), 1929-   Mark / David L. McKenna.   Nashville : Thomas Nelson, 1982.  

BS 2595.3 .L37 1983 c.2
Larson, Bruce, 1925-2008.   Luke / Bruce Larson.   Nashville : Thomas Nelson, 1983.  

BS 2615.3 .F74 1985
Fredrikson, Roger L.   John / Roger L. Fredrikson.   Nashville : Thomas Nelson, 1985.  

BS 2625.53 .O44 1983 c.2
Ogilvie, Lloyd John.   Acts / Lloyd J. Ogilvie.   Nashville : Thomas Nelson, 1983.  

BS 2665.3 .B75 1982
Briscoe, D. Stuart.   Romans / D. Stuart Briscoe.   Nashville : Thomas Nelson, 1982.  

BS 2705.53 .G88 2023
Guthrie, George H., 1959- author.   Philippians / George H. Guthrie.  

BS 635.3 .C66 2015
Concordia's Bible history : in the words of Holy Scripture : with illustrations, maps, and notes / [edited by Rodney Rathmann].  

BS 635.3 .C66 2015
Concordia's Bible history : in the words of Holy Scripture : with illustrations, maps, and notes / [edited by Rodney Rathmann].  

BS 635.3 .C66 T4 2015
Concordia's Bible history. Teacher book / [edited by Rodney Rathmann].  

BT 301.9 .W45 2021
Wenham, David, author.   Jesus in context : making sense of the historical figure / David Wenham.  

BT 738.17 .K67 2022
Korcok, Thomas, author.   Serpents in the classroom : the poisoning of modern education and how the Church can cure it / by Thomas Korcok.  

BT 990 .B28 1938
Badcock, F. J. (Francis John), 1869-   The history of the creeds, by F.J. Badcock.   2d ed. Published for the Church Historical Society.   London, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; New York, Macmillan, 1938.  

BT 993 .M2 1925
MacDonald, Alexander, 1858-1941.   The Apostles' creed; a vindication of the apostolic authorship of the creed on the lines of Scripture and tradition, together with some account of its development and critical analysis of its contents, by the Right Reverend Alexander MacDonald ... With an introductory letter from the Most Rev. Monsignor Lépicier.   2d ed. (rev. and enl.).   London, K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd., 1925.  

BV 210.2 .L44 2017
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963, author.   Letters to Malcolm, chiefly on prayer / C.S. Lewis.   First edition.  

BV 40 .A84 2019
Ash, Christopher, 1953- author.   Repeat the sounding joy / Christopher Ash.  

BV 4527 .F758 2015
Fritz, Sharla.   Soul spa : 40 days of spiritual renewal / Sharla Fritz.  

BV 4531.2 .A87 2001
Ausenhus, Pam, 1959-   Running the race of faith : living a life of faith and purpose : 8 week devotional journal / Pam Ausenhus.   St. Louis, MO : Concordia Pub. House, ©2001.  

BV 4597.52 .P39 2007 *
Pauls, Tim, 1967-   You ask about relationships : questions teens are asking / by Tim Pauls.   St. Louis, MO : Concordia Pub. House, ©2007.  

BV 4597.53 .C58 J655 2024
Jones, Donna, 1961- author.   Healthy conflict, peaceful life : a biblical guide for communicating thoughts, feelings, and opinions with grace, truth, and zero regret / Donna Jones.  

BV 4844 .H67 2015
Hope notes : devotions for women.  

BV 4870 .S54 2011 c.2-3
Simon, Mary Manz, 1948- author.   Little visits with Jesus / Dr. Mary Manz Simon ; illustrated by Beverly Warren.   Twenty-fifth anniversary edition.  

BV 4905 .L48 2001 c.2
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963, author.   The problem of pain / C.S. Lewis.   First HarperCollins paperback edition.  

BV 4905.2 .L4 2000 c.2
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.   A grief observed / C.S. Lewis [foreword by Madeleine L'Engle, introduction by Douglas H. Gresham].   New York : HarperOne, ©2000, ©1961.  

BV 4935 .L43 A3 2017
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963, author.   Surprised by joy : the shape of my early life / C.S. Lewis.   First edition.  

BX 5199 .N55 H54 2023
Hindmarsh, D. Bruce, author.   Amazing grace : the life of John Newton and the surprising story behind his song / Bruce Hindmarsh, Craig Borlase.  

BX 8060 .B53 T46 2024
Thomas, James (Reverend), author.   A rumor of Black Lutherans : the formation of Black leadership in early American Lutheranism / James R. Thomas.  

BX 8061 .M7 S358 2023
Schulz, Gregory P., author.   Anatomy of an implosion : one pastor-professor's diagnosis & lament at the mission drift to woke Marxism in Lutheran higher education / Gregory P. Schulz.  

D 804.45 .U55 A485 2022
Americans and the Holocaust : a reader / edited by Daniel Greene and Edward Phillips ; published in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  

E 241 .Y6 G76 2022 *
Grove, Tim, 1967- author.   The world turned upside down : the Yorktown victory that won America's independence / by Tim Grove.  

E 473.9 .F54 2024
Fields-Black, Edda L., author.   Combee : Harriet Tubman, the Combahee River Raid, and Black freedom during the Civil War / Edda L. Fields-Black.  

E 902 .A14 2022
43 : inside the George W. Bush presidency / edited by Michael Nelson, Barbara A. Perry, and Russell L. Riley.  

HM 1271 .I563 2024
Inazu, John D., author.   Learning to disagree : the surprising path to navigating differences with empathy and respect / John Inazu ; illustrations by John Hendrix.  

LB 1025.3 .E343 2023
The educator's handbook for teaching with primary sources / edited by Scott M. Waring.  

LB 1050.45 .H46 2021
Hennessy, Nancy Lewis, author.   The reading comprehension blueprint : helping students make meaning from text / by Nancy Lewis Hennessy, M.Ed.  

LB 1139.5 .R43 L56 2022
Lindsey, Julia B., author.   Reading above the fray : reliable, research-based routines for developing decoding skills / Julia B. Lindsey ; foreword by Nell K. Duke.  

LB 41 .L665 2001b
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.   The abolition of man, or, Reflections on education with special reference to the teaching of English in the upper forms of schools / C.S. Lewis.   First HarperCollins paperback edition.  

PR 6015 .U9 B65 2005
Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963, author.   Brave new world : and, Brave new world revisited / Aldous Huxley ; foreword by Christopher Hitchens.   First Harper Perennial modern classics edition.  

PZ 7 .F2406 Vo *
Farrant, Natasha, author.   Voyage of the Sparrowhawk / Natasha Farrant.   First American edition.  

PZ 7 .H916555 Bab *
Hunter, Anne, author.   Baby squeaks / Anne Hunter.  

PZ 7 .H9616 Sud *
Hutchens, Paul, 1902-1977.   The Sugar Creek Gang digs for treasure / by Paul Hutchens.   Wheaton, Ill. : Scripture Press, ©1948.  

PZ 7 .K8369 Fo *
Korman, Gordon, author.   The fort / Gordon Korman.   First edition.  

PZ 7 .M312178 Ne *
Mancusi, Mari, author.   New dragon city / Mari Mancusi.   First edition.  

PZ 7.1 .F354 Nig *
Fan, Eric, author.   Night lunch / words by Eric Fan ; pictures by Dena Seiferling.  

PZ 7.1 .S53 Hap *
Shatokhin, Oleksandr, author, illustrator.   The happiest lion cub / Oleksandr Shatokhin ; translated by Zenia Tompkins.   First edition.  

PZ 7.1 .S7344 Yo *
Standish, Ali, author.   Yonder / Ali Standish.   First edition.  

PZ 7.1 .W37 Ro *
Warga, Jasmine, author.   A rover's story / Jasmine Warga.   First edition.  

PZ 7.1 .Y436 Go *
Yee, Betty G., 1966- author.   Gold mountain / Betty G. Yee.  

PZ 7.5 .A67 Od *
Applegate, Katherine, author.   Odder / Katherine Applegate ; with illustrations by Charles Santoso.   First edition.  

PZ 7.7 .K875 Fl *
Kurilla, Renée, author, illustrator.   The flower garden / Renée Kurilla.  

QL 668 .E2 R543 2022 *
Rockwell, Lizzy, author.   Am I a frog? / Lizzy Rockwell.  

QP 376 .D74 2021 *
Drew, Liam, author.   The brain book / written by Dr. Liam Drew.   First American edition.  

RC 394 .A85 H65 2024
Holderness, Penn, author.   ADHD is awesome : a guide to (mostly) thriving with ADHD / Penn and Kim Holderness.  

REF BS 715 2008
Bible. Old Testament. Hebrew. 2008.   A reader's Hebrew Bible : [Torah Neviʼim u-Ketuvim] / A. Philip Brown II, Bryan W. Smith.   Grand Rapid, Mich. : Zondervan, ©2008.  

REF JK 6131 .M36 2023-2024
The Minnesota legislative manual.   St. Paul, MN : State of Minnesota.  

RJ 504 .S538 2024
Shrier, Abigail, author.   Bad therapy : why the kids aren't growing up / Abigail Shrier.  

TR 810 .G675 2019 *
Grant, Benjamin, author, photographer.   Overview : a new way of seeing Earth / Benjamin Grant with Sandra Markle.   Young explorer's edition.